A comparison of the movie and real life events of the molly maguires

The Molly Maguires [1] The Molly Maguires were an ethnoreligious terrorist force active from the s to the s.

A comparison of the movie and real life events of the molly maguires

Cool coal 22 August - 1 out of 4 users found this review helpful. Apparently the Molly Maguires were four guys infiltrated by Richard Harris. I once read that they were a large organization of terrorist miners all over eastern Pennsylvania in I don't know why Don Knotts was in thi8s film without a credit at the end.

He played a Pinkerton detective and was surprisingly convincing for someone who usually plays a funnyman.


They took a lot of liberties with the story but what else is new? The priest stole the movie with his sanctimonious lectures to the Maguires at every funeral.


Why did they take chowderhead off the IMDb? He was my hero. Henry Mancini did the music and there's nothing like good music to dance to when people are dying in coal mining accidents. The Molly Maguires was an amazing mood piece for life in the coal mines in the 19th century but it did not do justice to the injustices that motivated the Molly Maguires to acts of protest.

The Mollys were wrong but they were wronged to begin with and the movie does not show the grievances of the workers in any mature way. I liked the part when they tried to kill Harris with a pile of coal. We saw it at the drive-in in the early 60's and the whole family loved it, all nine of us.

I'm not always enamored with Anthony Quinn. Sometimes he seems conceited. But as Barabbas he is brilliantly humble, yet powerful. This is by far, his best movie ever. His faces say a thousand words a thousand times.

It's as though he was transformed and really became the character, not played it. He is stoic and disturbed, tortured by the crisis within his soul. Barabbas is the man the crowd chose over Christ and this is a fictionalized account of his life after Christ was crucified.

A comparison of the movie and real life events of the molly maguires

Jack Palance gives the second greatest performance of his life as the man who trains, and sometimes kills, gladiators.

What corner of hell gave birth to this man? It's almost as good as his Jack Wilson gunfighter role in Shane. Palance is so mean in Barabbas that all sorts of pacifists would gladly kill him if they had the chance.

There are a couple of slow spots but the sets are fantastic and the story is great. How did Jack Palance sleep at night? Not one knee slapping, stomach hurting gag. I was a little disappointed. I am a big fan of the TV series; so don't get me wrong; these characters are great.

I've fallen on the floor laughing at many a TV episode but it was never about the brilliant plot. Also, what plot there is in the TV series is usually logical, within the confines of their brand of insanity. This movie had a plot that went off the deep end way too often.

It also got a little redundant with the portrait of the ATF authority figures as being unreasonably macho. Two hours of gung-ho fed men jumping out of trucks with trigger happy attitudes wore thin.

It was forced and not nearly as funny. All right, maybe one scene was killer. The Senate laughing like Beavis and Butthead over a dirty joke. I think Mike Judge deserves all the wealth and fame he has achieved for his comedy work.

I liked this movie, but I was hoping to laugh till tears rolled down my cheeks. Dr Doolittle 2 was a great concept ruined by cheap junior high school toilet humor from beginning to end. If its not a bear with severe diarrhea a drawn out and disgusting scene, or a giraffe zeroed in on Andy Richter's fly being open, its some other animal breaking wind or urinating.Check out the exclusive alphabetnyc.com movie review and see our movie rating for The Molly Maguires.

Explore Vincent's board "Mollys" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Molly maguires, Coal miners and American history. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. Lance Fulton Molly Maguires: Movie Comparison On October 27, , a man calling himself James McKenna emerged from a train at the station in Port Clinton, a small community on the southern border of Pennsylvania's Schuylkill County.

It was coal-mining country, a rough part of the world suf. It is based on the real-life exploits[citation needed]of the Molly Maguires and Pinkerton agent James McParland." I inserted the "citation needed" in the above sentence because the "real-life exploits" of the Molly Maguires are disputed by historians.

The Molly Maguires [1] The Molly Maguires were an ethnoreligious terrorist force active from the s to the s.

Oct 23,  · The Best Labor Union Movies Of All Time. in the end it is clear who has the real power. The Molly Maguires (US, ) The movie is based on actual events in the Dagenham Ford plant in Nigel Cole directed. Co-stars include Bob Hoskins, Miranda Richardson and Rosamund Pike. Jul 23,  · Molly Maguires Henry Mancini It movie cast IT cast Film base consept Old Movie Posters Sean connery Paramount Pictures Old movies Forward The Molly Maguires is a American film based on a novel by Arthur H. Lewis that was directed by Martin Ritt. May 24,  · A secret group of Irish immigrant miners, known as the Molly Maguires, fights against the cruelty of the mining company with sabotage and murder. A detective, also an Irish emigrant, is hired to infiltrate the group and report on its members/10(K).

was John "Black Jack" Kehoe. The body divisions would meet to discuss societal events, terrorist acts, and other issues. (actually written by a lawyer right after the era of the Molly Maguires), but it gives a real. of results for "Molly Maguires Movie" Click Try in your search results to watch thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime membership.

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