Advantage and disadvantage of student politics

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Advantage and disadvantage of student politics

A country can only be considered democratic if its elections are proven to constitute a real competition between two or among several candidates who may be backed by political parties or are running independently.

Advantage and disadvantage of student politics

Political parties are organized groups of people who share a set of similar political aims and opinions and aim to influence public policy by getting their candidates elected.

The main functions of these parties are to present their candidates and electoral campaigns to the electorate. But they also perform many other tasks in a democratic country.

For one, they serve as institutionalized mediators between society and the duly elected representatives who are responsible for deciding and implementing policies. To illustrate, legislators who are affiliated with a political party and meet with civil society representatives seek opinions from individuals or organizations in the process of formulating public policy.

By doing so, they are allowing the demands of their members and supporters to be represented in a parliament and in the government.

In a democratic society, political parties perform key duties, including the following: Seeking public policy priorities and civic needs and issues identified by their members and supporters.

Educating the people how the political and electoral system and general political values work. Balancing contrasting demands and turning them into general policies.

Encouraging citizens to participate in political decisions and turning their opinions into policy options for all. Acting as a mediator between the public and the government.

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Choosing and training candidates who are worthy to be elected to public office. Every political party has internal functions that are determined by external forces, such as political culture, electoral system and legal regulations. In the United States, there is what they call the two-party system.

This means that there are two major parties that dominate the elections and the government. Although this nature of political system has its benefits in promoting good for all people, there are those who criticized it for its disadvantages.

To be able to determine whether having two political parties is actually beneficial to a country or not, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of having them.

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List of Advantages of Political Parties 1. Political parties are able to present political information to the voting population in a manner that is readily understandable.

By doing so, there is order in the country through the representation of broad political philosophy of the group. Each candidate represented major issues of their respective parties to the public.

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Political parties provide balance through the accommodation of various interests and opinions. Both political parties are organized groups with differing political views, which make it important for political parties to make decisions that will favor not only few but also all interests and opinions to keep the loyalty of their supporters.

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Advantage and disadvantage of student politics

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