Afpa business plan

Their course materials are more comprehensive.

Afpa business plan

The case studies and essays really involve a lot of research and subject knowledge.

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They even give you feedback on the case studies and essays. What is great about ISSA is that they have a vast amount of resources that are available to you if you enroll in their program and after you obtain your certification.

It was well worth the money for afpa business plan. Rating Game, Set, Match A better overall cert compared to AFPA. The co-founders and teachers of their seminars are a whos-who in the fitness industry.

Very comprehensive text book and seminar was awesome. We had several doctors and med students in our classes that said they were learning things they had not learned before.

I will find out soon how well the certification is accepted by gyms as I will be applying for some positions and will see what they think of the certification. But ISSA is a great course.

Rating Go WIth Issa by: I just went through the seminar Dr. Jack Barnum is an excellent speaker and very well known in the fitness industry. They give you so much information.

In order to pass the test you will have to know the book in order to get the answers correct. There is no way that you can say one is better than the other unless you have tried them both. Your comments state that ISSA is more complete, effective or descriptive Have you done AFPA???

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I am still trying to decide which way to go, an honestly your comments do not help at all because there is no comparison, just personal one sided preference.

I have never even heard of the AFPA. I worked on my certification when I was on Active Duty in the Air Force, and they were very supportive of the military.

I even missed my completion date because of a deployment, and they waived my re-enrollment fees. The customer service was great too!

Personally, I have heard better things about the NASM certification since you are required to sit for the final exam. I knew a lot of trainers who practiced a lot of the priciples of NASM on their clients, and they said the whole program made it easier to apply the training principles.

I have thought about getting the NASM as well. The more well known the certification, the better. Rating Not sure of either - but read please by: I have been training for many years and am certified with NCSF.

At first glance the material looks great so I started quickly going through the books and found a couple of exercises that are contraindicated which one is the very common Front Lunge.The AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification program will teach you how to give educated nutritional guidance and nutrition coaching to individuals seeking nutritional advice on weight management and enhancing health and fitness performance and overall lifestyle.

You will learn the fundamental skills of counseling strategies and protocol, complemented by action-based worksheets 5/5.

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afpa business plan

All AFPA Nutrition Certification programs curriculum fully meets the AADP’s (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) board educational requirements, giving AFPA students a thorough knowledge of courses set-forth by the Institute and making them eligible 5/5.

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AFPA by: T. Riley I enrolled in the AFPA Personal Trainer Certification and never looked backed! I wanted to start a new career as a Personal Trainer and looked at a lot of certification programs. AFPA materials were very current, applicable and interesting.

I could study where and when I .

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