African chokwe masks essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Their history dates back to the 15th century, when a Lunda queen married a Luba prince Chibinda Ilunga. Because a member of the Lunda aristocracy disapproved of the marriage, the queen and prince migrated south to present-day Angola. There they founded several kingdoms, each headed by a god-king.

African chokwe masks essay

Chokwe, early 20th century. Wood, clay, fibers, pigment; 20cm 7. Birmingham Museum of Art, Museum purchase, Pwo masks, made by Chokwe and related peoples, are a well-known but understudied genre of African art.

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Facial features and scarification details, including masoji, or tears, below the eyes, are balanced and well proportioned in this example. The clay-packed wig is reminiscent of those favored by women in areas of Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo a few decades ago.

Dick Beaulieux Chikufwinda tuhu mwosi nchawa. Rodrigues de Areia Recent field work pursued by anthropologists and art historians including Filip de BoekManuela PalmeirimElisabeth CameronBoris WastiauSonia Silvaand this author Jordan has added to the body of knowledge established in previous generations.

All of us have benefited from the rich accounts provided by explorers and ethnographers such as Hermenegildo Capelo and Robert IvensSerpa PintoVerney L. CameronHenrique A.

African chokwe masks essay

Dias de CarvalhoFonseca CardosoDugald Campbelland others who traversed the lands of these central African peoples more than one hundred years ago. In all, there is a significant amount of ethnographic material and a number of excellent anthropological studies that range in focus from the economy of the region to its ritual practices and cos-mological views.

However, in many ways the study of its arts is in its infancy. Her postulated styles of Chokwe sculpture Bastinand the sculpture of the Lwena, Songo, Ovimbundu, Ngangela, and others Bastin have given us a solid basis for attributing to these peoples countless works of art in private and museum collections.

These arts are so diverse and complex that even some of the more well-known forms remain vastly understudied or misunderstood. Wood, fibers, metal, shell, pigment; This mask exhibits Chokwe stylistic traits such as the half-closed, almond-shaped eyes within concave eye orbits, filed teeth, and C-shaped ears.


Its fine coiffure is partially carved in wood as an extension of the mask. The metal tacks and shell are meant to beautify and honor the female ancestor represented. Wood, clay, fibers, metal, pigment, fur, snakeskin, and other materials; 21cm 8.

This elegant and expressive mask successfully blends stylized and naturalistic facial features. The forehead displays an unusual version of the chinge-lyengelye cross motif, a scarification design commonly interpreted in the literature as a version of the imported Portuguese Cross of the Order of Christ.

Cross motifs have been found in rock engravings and paintings in Angolan archaeological sites. Pwo, Dundo Style The most discernible elements of a Chokwe style of wooden mask carving have been well defined.

Bastin describes their Pwo masks Figs.The Tshokwe (Chokwe) produced a large number of masks made both from fibres and wood. Among the Tshokwe masks is the Cihongo, a masculine mask symbolizing power and wealth, and the feminine mask Pwo representing the feminine ancestor.

A hand-carved Central African Chokwe style mask, originating from Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Zambia. This mask is in the form of a female figure, or Pwo, utilized to symbolize and honor female ancestors.

The masks they created probably played important roles in religious beliefs and institutional practices, but today many Chokwe masks have been used primarily for entertainment. Pwo, is an archetype of womanhood, they are portrayed and envisioned as ancestors, and often encourage fertility.

Chokwe Mwana Pwo Mask - Angola/ - 12" deep x 10" wide x 15" high MWANA PWO MASK CHOKWE Female masks of the Chokwe people in Angola & D.R.

Congo are called Mwana Pwo (young maiden) and are. In this essay I am going to look at the Makishi Masquerades and the Transmission of knowledge among the Chokwe and related people together with the Pwo mask, the Bambara tribe of Mali and the Chi Wara antelope mask, and also at the role that the Holo mask plays in the Ngidi and Makanda initiation rites (African masks history and .

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