Can computer replace books

The money we have allotted for public school funding should be used wisely to get the best use out of it. Bill Clinton has talked about hooking every school to the Internet, as part of his campaign.

Can computer replace books

Submit Viewing can surely replace reading In some years The internet is a service available to the masses. It has a huge range of functions, one can search on something to read news on the internet.

The internet also provides for socializing a person can sit at home and be connected to the world by the medium of the internet. The internet is a good substitute to knowledge as it can provide a person knowledge from around the globe while the book restricts a persons knowledge only to that of the author.

Can computer replace books

Internet can also be accessed from the smartphones while it is tedious to carry books around everywhere. The era of books is setting and it is dawn for the era of internet, which is environment friendly too unlike books, The Internet can replace books.

In the future, all media will be on the Internet. Of course, there will still be book, but they will be in electronic form.

This will make it easier to search and take notes on materials we read. The electronic revolution is a good thing, and it will increase access to the written word. Internet is likely to replace paper With libraries becoming more and more empty it is already evident internet has replaced most books.

Especially in terms of information. If you buy a new encyclopedia and read it all the info is current. But open it a year later and some of it may have changed. While on the internet most websites are constantly updating existing articles and making new and current ones. While you will always need the internet for something.

All of it can be found on the net and on a much larger scale thana.They can store thousands of books and they allow you to purchase books as electronic text without ever having to go out to a bookstore to buy them. However, the downsides are plentiful. These E-books cost much more than a single book and this might prove inconvenient for those who only wish to purchase one or two nooks/5(1).

Ya think tech can replace books??? I've read various books, some on the computer. The books in print actually suck me into the book, whereas the books on the computer I just read and forget about.

Books are ineffective as a source of containing information, while computer’s hard drive can easily contain many thousands of books, being as transportable as any single volume.

I'll say books are still better than computers based on current technology. As technology evolves, computers will definitely become more important.

I think issues such as cost, portability and reliability will have to be resolved before computers will finally replace books as the main tool for education.

Tablets can be used as an accessory mode of study but it cannot replace books. There are many books which is not yet into the trap of the Internet world. Studying in a traditional with books gives an effective way of learning the things.

Not only should Amazon not replace libraries, it simply can’t (not yet, at least). There are an estimated million books in existence. Amazon has rough 48 million available in any form and.

Should Tablets replace textbooks in school?