Claire mccaskill

From her pioneering work setting up some of the first drug courts in the country as Jackson County Prosecutor to her decades-long focus on rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in government, Claire continually delivers results that make a positive impact on the daily lives of hard-working Missourians. Missouri Born and Raised Claire has lived in Missouri her whole life.

Claire mccaskill

McCaskill is fighting for her political life. She's a year-old two-term Democrat in a state that President Trump won in by nearly 20 points. You could call McCaskill the Missouri compromiser — that rare Democrat who voted nearly half the time in support of President Trump's agenda — and she hasn't kept it a secret.

Trump's presidency is a success, she said it's a "work in progress. He's a conservative who has hooked himself to the president and, he hopes, to the voters who put him in the White House. And so long as he's doing that, I'm going to be for him," Hawley said.

When asked whether he disagreed with the president on any issue, Hawley said he would encourage him "to keep a hard line on spending. Half of Missouri voters are satisfied with the way things are going in the country, but the other half isn't.

McCaskill leads among women, while Hawley is ahead among men. One of the key issues is health care, and the attacks have been brutal. Some voters don't like it. In fact, they're hopping mad about prescription drug price increases.

They are frustrated at the idea that protections for pre-existing conditions and the other consumer protections that are in the law now are in jeopardy," McCaskill said. Hawley, whose young son suffers from a degenerative bone disease, opposes Obamacare but says he still wants insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

CBS News But he insists that's not the same as mandating people have coverage. It's been a bitter fight over the battle to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Hawley would support him, while McCaskill did not.

She said there wasn't the same level of tribal warfare in politics when she was first elected. We need more noise in the middle," McCaskill said.

CBS News asked Hawley if he would be able to compromise in office. I think it's about representing the people of your state, so you've got to be willing to cross party lines," Hawley said. I'll work with anybody on any topic if it's good for the people of my state.SEIU Local 1, Chicago, Illinois.

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Claire mccaskill

Service Employee International Union Local 1 unites workers across 6 states in. The attempt to grab control of emails from McCaskill's office was done through a targeted "spearphishing" attack similar to the one carried out in by those Fancy Bears against Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., is the "poster child" for the importance of term limits, according to a new attack ad. Conservative super PAC Missouri Rising Action is launching a digital ad on. Claire has spent her career working to improve the lives of all Missourians.

And she’s delivered real results every step of the way. McCaskill's opponent, Josh Hawley, said she hasn't voted with the president on anything that matters.

Hawley, the state's attorney general, is a year-old Yale Law School graduate who once. The state of Missouri can be divided into five basic political divisions. The Democratic base is in central Kansas City and St.

Louis. Republicans run strong in the rural southwest, which has long.

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