Concept paper for class activity

Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: Concept Objectives After completing this concept the student should be able to: Define physical fitness, wellness, exercise, and health.

Concept paper for class activity

A few people have asked me about what we did during our reading of the novel, so I decided to put together a blog post with some of our favorite activities.

My Hand in Your Hand Friendship Bulletin Board Craft and Activity

For our daily read aloud, I usually read for about 10 - 15 minutes a day. I don't do a reading response for our read aloud every day - usually about 2 to 3 a week, though through our independent and shared reading, they have a lot comprehension and response minilessons so we have other avenues for practice.

I also like to switch up our format a bit - bored learners are not engaged learners. We do have a reading response notebook where we do a lot of our responses, but we like to use other formats as well. We completed one of our first favorites early on in the novel, and was a great tie-in to teaching empathy.

Perhaps you've seen images from an anti-bullying lesson and crumpled paper - that one stuck with me from the minute I saw it. There are many examples all over the web, but you can read a little more about it HERE. I knew it would be a great lesson to go along with Wonder.

Concept paper for class activity

We talked about how it would feel to be Auggie - to have people stare and call names. I then handed out a small piece of paper to each student.

I told the students to call the paper names and say mean things to it - the kinds of things Auggie may have overheard. They were to crumple the paper in a ball as they were doing this, being responsible for the paper getting smaller and smaller and more destroyed.

I then had them apologize to the paper, over and over, as they tried to smooth it out and make it "better".

We talked about how the paper never went back to the way it was before - even when they tried to make it better, the marks and scars were still visible.

Runde's Room: Reading Response Activities for Wonder

They thought this was pretty powerful. I then had them use this paper to do their reader response on. I asked them three questions to respond to on the paper: What did we do? What did you learn? How can you connect this activity to Auggie in Wonder?

Sometimes I just changed up the way we answered questions, instead of having them answer in their notebooks. I would write a quote on the whiteboard and they could respond right on the whiteboard, or use sticky notes to take notes while I was reading and post them after, and I also used a lot of printables from my Building Better Reading Responses and Stick-It-Together editable templates because they reinforced the reading response goals we were working on.

I didn't have a set list of questions from the novel to choose from, instead, I came up with a question after our reading each day, thinking about the parts that really seemed to stick with the students or became great discussion starters. You'll see color coding on some of our reading responses - this comes from our Reading Response Goals from my Building Better Reading Responses resource.Preschool Activities You can plant the seed for a lifelong love of learning in your preschooler with interesting preschool activities.

Concept paper for class activity

Simple, easy and fun activities can set the foundation for better learning and development. The Ring Wing Glider Overview Students will use engineering design principles to turn a piece of paper into an experimental wing for a new type of aircraft designed .

These activities will help preschool students learn and understand the concept of left and right using their hands and other body parts as well. By making a great friendship craft then dancing the Hokey Pokey, children will be able to distinguish left from right in .

I introduced probability with a paper lunch bag and about 10 suckers in a variety of colours. (Make sure you have encough suckersfor the whole class at the end of the lesson!) We counted the suckers as they went into the bag and noted how many of each color we had right on the board for all to see.

COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCES AND EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE (POG ) CONCEPT PAPER FOR CLASS ACTIVITY OBJECTIVE Provide an avenue for Political Science students of Columban College to articulate their views vis-a-vis social and political issues on local, national and international milieu utilizing the rules of .

First Class THE CELL Is the functional and structural unit of all living things, the cell is the smallest part of all living things, and performs vital functions such as: .

Probability- Ideas for Teaching, Resources for Lesson Plans, and Activities for Unit Planning