Daswell is a professional block making

It is about 30days to finish all the machines after receive the down payment. We take pictures and videos of finished products, and test all the machines before delivery.

Daswell is a professional block making

You will need a large, heat resistance surface to cover your work area to guard against any stray, flaming pieces and to keep hot, soldering tools from burning through your work area.

On this large, heat resistance surface, you will place a smaller, soldering block upon which you will do the actual soldering.

Charcoal blocks are sold in different sizes. When used for soldering they help create a reducing atmosphere which helps cut down on firescale. They are soft for pinning work to be soldered, expensive, messy, and need to be quenched in water after each use or they will burn up.

Also they have a tendency to crack if not wrapped with wire. Kiln brick is porous, soft and inexpensive. It is easy to cut into different shapes to hold objects for soldering. Ceramics are good but act as a heat sink and some smell bad when first used.

They should be cured in a kiln before use.

Daswell is a professional block making

The old standby is a round cake pan filled with pumice. A soldering frame and tripod allow you to heat the piece being soldered on the top or from underneath. Ceramic tile or a couple of pieces of sheet metal, big enough to provide a safety margin in case your torch flame should stray from the soldering block.

Please under no circumstances use any asbestos product to solder on. Make sure them are grooved to keep tools from rolling off.

Amazon offers the following sheets that can be joined to cover a large area. The local hardware store has them too. Steel Sheets Ceramic floor tiles are also an excellent option for covering your work bench and can be purchased from Amazon and from any hardware store.

Be sure to buy at least two tiles to cover the top of your bench. Be sure the surface has a honeycomb texture to stick U-pins and T-pins in it. Amazon has them for sale on their website. It is soft and porous, so pins can easily be stuck in it to keep items from moving.

It must be bound around the perimeter with wire to keep it from cracking and it must be quenched in water after each torching. However, it is a great heat sink and cuts down on oxidation. Many jewelers find the possible cracking is troublesome.

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