High school dropouts and crime

Send Email Cancel Of all of the males in federal and state prisons, 80 percent do not have a high school diploma. There is a direct correlation with a lack of high school education and incarceration. One in ten male dropouts between the ages of 16 to 24 are either in prison or in juvenile detention. Rather than spending tax dollars on incarcerating these dropouts, funding should be focused on encouraging these individuals to complete their high school education.

High school dropouts and crime

G 16 March High school dropouts negatively affect many parts of society, in the U. A they directly affect some vital country issues such as: But why do these kids aged about 14 to 18, in average dropout?

And how can we help decrease High-School dropout rate? In this essay I shall focalize on these vital points. Alison Kempner of The News Journal reports that dropouts are a problem in many states; Delaware state has had a consistent graduation percentage below the national average.

Only six out of 10 Delaware High-School students will graduate by Furthermore dropouts are more likely to be unemployed, in prison, living in poverty, receiving government assistance, less healthy, divorced or single parents.

As I have just proved, young people that don't complete High-School face many more problems in later life than those who do. While national American leaders have demanded that schools, communities, and families make a major effort to retain students, the dropout rate remains high.

The major factors for a student to dropout are in order of greatest found reason: In some states congressmen are trying to pass a law making the legal age to quit High-School In my opinion this could be a good idea as students may have a better judgment of things at this age.

For example, in France a student is allowed to quit mainstream High-School for technical or professional studies and go for job 2 years later without going to university the same applies for Germany and Switzerland.

Sadly it is very improbable that Americans accept such a way because, according to German Dr in politics: Also if some parental involvement such as encouraging, helping or explain was presented to these students in need some students might rethink of quitting much like the user Yahoo!

She is a art graduate from Penn State thanks to her parents help. So finally if parents, schools and governments worked hand in hand they could help in reducing the amount of High School dropouts.

This would help to create a better society not only in America but also globally.

High school dropouts and crime

Retrieved March 16,from http: Could anyone please edit and tell me what you think about my problem solution essay? Could anyone tell me what they think about my problem solution essay? Retrieved March 16,fromhttp:Drop outs and crime are discussed collectively in this investigation; however, this is not to imply that drop-outs are all committing crimes, nor that drop-outs all join gangs.

In fact, the drop out problem is extremely complex. high school dropouts are more likely to turn to crime High school dropouts are three and one-half times more likely than high school graduates to be arrested, . High School Dropout Statistics (US) Total number of high school dropouts annually 3,, Number of high school students who drop out each day 8, Percent of Americans with a high.

of dropouts are unemployed than are adults who earned a high school credential (U.S. Department of Labor ). In addition, dropouts age 25 and older reported being in worse. “School Dropout, Delinquent Behavior, and Drug Use: An Examination of the Causes and Consequences of Dropping Out of School.” In Drugs, Crime, and Other Deviant Adaptations—Longitudinal Studies, edited by H.

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B. Kaplan. Fisher () maintains juveniles who drop out of school engage in gang violence, child prostitution, and crime. Further, additional areas of major concern may yield more results of juvenile delinquency, which a result of one becoming a high school dropouts.

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