Men vs women how they function essay

Are Male and Female Brains Different? While some brain features are more common in one sex than the other, and some are typically found in both, most people have a unique mix. Research has found some key differences that could explain why we expect males and females to think and behave in characteristic ways.

Men vs women how they function essay

Kastleman Significant differences exist between the male and female brains. Although what follows has been meticulously gathered from the research and writings of leading scientists and psychologists, it is by no means a hard and fast rule or description of every man and every woman.

Every person is different and unique. However, the facts clearly bear out that for nearly all men and women there are significant differences between the male and female brain. This means that in most cases, men and women do not behave, feel, think, or respond in the same ways, either on the inside or on the outside.

The male brain is highly specialized, using specific parts of one hemisphere or the other to accomplish specific tasks. The female brain is more diffused and utilizes significant portions of both hemispheres for a variety of tasks. Men are able to focus on narrow issues and block out unrelated information and distractions.

Women naturally see everyday things from a broader, "big-picture" vantage point. Men can narrowly focus their brains on specific tasks or activities for long periods of time without tiring. Women are better equipped to divide their attention among multiple activities or tasks.

Men are able to separate information, stimulus, emotions, relationships, etc. Men see individual issues with parts of their brain, while women look at the holistic or multiple issues with their whole brain both hemispheres.

Men have as much as 20 times more testosterone in their systems than do women. This makes men typically more aggressive, dominant and more narrowly focused on the physical aspects of sex. In men, the dominant perceptual sense is vision, which is typically not the case with women.

All of a woman's senses are, in some respects, more finely tuned than those of a man. Just because something might not appeal to a man doesn't mean that a woman won't be attracted to it and vice versa.

It is important to understand the differences in these views in order to comprehend the vulnerabilities men and women have to Internet pornography and cybersex chatrooms. Internet pornographers are cognizant of these differences and market differently to each set of potential customers.

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Again, the insights that follow are not absolutes but represent what most therapists, psychologists, and scientists consider to be the majority of men and women.

The facts are not listed in any particular order and are not intended to be a complete study. Rather, they are intended to help you understand the unique male and female views of sexual intimacy as a result of the differences in their respective brain structures.

The descriptions that follow are the findings of professionals who have dedicated their lives to the study of male and female sexuality. You will note that some of the male descriptions are not very flattering; many paint a downright cold, animalistic picture.

Men vs women how they function essay

Unfortunately, the descriptions represent a large cross section of the male population in our society. And with Internet porn and cybersex in the forefront, these common attitudes are growing.

Let me clearly state that I do not believe that men or women are locked into these negative stereotypes. We are not dogs; we are not forced into the reactive-impulse mode from which the Internet pornographers profit.

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I believe that we are so much better than that. I believe that the potential of human intimacy is light-years ahead of what is portrayed on the sterile screen of Internet porn. Women are not, in the main, turned on by pictures of nudes. Women may be aroused by pictures of couples coupling-because what they are seeing, in however sterile a sexual context, is a relationship in action.Men Vs Women INTRODUCTION.

The saying “Men come from Mars and women come from Venus” is all based on the differences between the sexes. While feminists claim they want equal rights to men, it cannot be ignored that there are some basic differences between the two sexes.

Continued "Our studies are finding significant differences in the brain circuitry of men and women, even when they're doing the same thing: It's like two people driving from Philadelphia to New.

Discrimination and Men Vs Women Sample Essay In this essay the myth of equality between work forces and adult females will be discussed and advancement made by adult females so far. for the battle of equality will be examined. Men Vs Women "How they function" Essay by EssaySwap Contributor, College, Undergraduate, February download word file, 6 pages, Downloaded 51 times.

Keywords Literature, Either way, men and women have differences, differences that need to be explained. The topic of whether men and women should have equal human rights has been at the center of controversy in many parts of the world. Men seem to regard themselves as more superior to women.

This, however, is a rather ignorant view of the subject matter. The Crucial Difference Between Men and Women in Relationships. By Dr. Seth Each partner must trust that they have a purpose or function in the relationship that is necessary, acknowledged, and appreciated by the other partner.

defeated, or even empty. Men and women often differ in the roles they take on in their relationships.

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