Movie review ma vie en rose

With loads of style and a deft touch, Belgian director Alain Berliner takes the serious subject of sexual confusion and social repression to delightful heights of fancy, giving filmgoers a chance to re-examine their own assumptions in the most colorful, least didactic way possible. Georges Du Fresne plays Ludovic, a schoolboy who is convinced that he is a little girl trapped inside a boy's body. With wide-eyed innocence, he prays to God to rectify what was clearly just a clerical error; meanwhile, he falls in love with schoolmate Jerome Julien Riverewho also happens to be the son of Ludovic's father's boss.

Movie review ma vie en rose

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis The story of this sensitively-handled film concerns a young MtF transsexual. It is by turns comic and heartbreaking. Seven-year old Ludovic lives in an upper-middle class Belgian suburban neighborhood.

He behaves in a way that is quite natural to him, dresses in a dress or skirt whenever possible, and is quite convinced he will be marrying a neighborhood boy, the son of his father's boss.

His favorite television program is a kitchy girls program about a Barbie-like doll called Pam who lives in a flowery girly pink cartoon fantasy world and has magic powers.

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Young Ludovic dances Pam's dance to the haunting song "Rose", and like some other girls of his age fantasizes about marriage to a handsome romantic man who will sweep his female love off her feet.

The film depicts the difficulties facing a child with gender identity issues and the way the Ludovic himself, the confused parents and family, society, school, other children, and the neighborhood hostile, hypocritical, and ignorant handle the situation.

Ludovic is seven years old. At first thinks he is a girl, then becomes confused as everyone attempts to disabuse him of this, then tries to find an acceptable common ground I am a girlboy, or I am a boy but I will grow up to be a girl, or something went wrong and and I should have been born a girl.

When he was born, the extra X chromosome accidentally landed in the trash and he got a Y instead! Even an identity as a girlboy is not allowed him by those around him. The only ones who have any understanding of what he is going through are his psychologist and his grandmother who thinks it might be a phase he is going through, but also confronts the situation with some understanding.

His sister also sees Ludovich more as he is than as others believe or want him to be. Under increasing pressure from an ignorant community which gives the family the cold shoulder, the parents naturally have difficulty in dealing with Ludovic's transsexuality, and eventually send him to a psychologist with the intention of "curing" him, but of course there is no cure - only understanding.

Eventually they come to accept the inevitable. The movie, perhaps a larger than life fictionalisation, is a microcosm of the early life experience of a transsexual. The father is fired from his job, and the family moves to a poorer neighborhood, where they find some acceptance and Ludovic meets a young butch girl, perhaps a young FtM transsexual of about the same age.

The final relief from troubles is belied by the music which turns somber as the camera pans away from the petit Ludovic, on his own away from the other children.

Movie review ma vie en rose

As his pubescent sister says, prophetically, "it only gets more difficult as you get older". The final scene dissolves into the haunting theme music, "Rose", sung by Zazie and an uncertain transsexual's future.Ma Vie En Rose isn't necessarily trying to advance an agenda, and it's not a movie about homosexual issues.

It's about someone who is convinced he's something that physiologically he's not%. · Olivier Dahan's "La Vie en Rose," one of the best biopics I've seen, tells Piaf's life story through the extraordinary performance of Marion Cotillard, who looks like the singer.

The title, which translates loosely as "life through rose-colored glasses," is from one of Piaf's most famous songs, which she wrote This is, of course, my humble interpretation of this very beautiful song.

A lot of this song is in the timing - I've done my best to do the timing here. The chord change are quite  · Ma Vie en Rose () Seven-year-old Ludovic (Georges Du Fresne) announces to his startled parents, Pierre (Jean-Philippe Écoffey) and Hanna (Michèle Laroque), that he is in fact a  · Movie Ma Vie En Rose A young boy's cross-dressing antics bring shame on his family.

This take on the thorny subject of cross-dressing is a bittersweet tale of pre-teen sexual soul-searching and Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for Ma Vie en Rose () - Alain Berliner on AllMovie - Boys will be boys and girls will be girls, but

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