Ncc case question 3 and 4

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Ncc case question 3 and 4

Example[ edit ] As an example, of the 91, women in the Nurses' Health Study who did not have cancer at baseline and who were followed for 14 years, 2, women had developed breast cancer by Several studies have used standard cohort analyses to study precursors to breast cancer, e. However, note that in comparison to the cases, there are so many controls that each particular control contributes relatively little information to the analysis.

Ncc case question 3 and 4

If, on the other hand, one is interested in the association between gene expression and breast cancer incidence, it would be very expensive and possibly wasteful of precious blood specimen to assay all 89, women without breast cancer.

In this situation, one may choose to assay all of the cases, and also, for each case, select a certain number of women to assay from the risk set of participants who have not yet failed i. The risk set is often restricted to those participants who are matched to the case on variables such as age, which reduces the variability of effect estimates.

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Efficiency of the NCC model[ edit ] Commonly 1—4 controls are selected for each case. Since the covariate is not measured for all participants, the nested case—control model is both less expensive than a full cohort analysis and more efficient than taking a simple random sample from the full cohort.

Failing to do so, such as by treating the cases and selected controls as the original cohort and performing a logistic regression, which is common, can result in biased estimates whose null distribution is different from what is assumed.

Ncc case question 3 and 4

Ways to account for the random sampling include conditional logistic regression[5] and using inverse probability weighting to adjust for missing covariates among those who are not selected into the study.

All cases who developed the outcome of interest during the follow-up are selected and compared with a random sample of the cohort. This randomly selected control sample could, by chance, include some cases.

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