Palm oil refinery business plan

Bio-diesel industrial plants Our Competitive Advantage Our intention to become one of the most renowned palm kernel oil making businesses in Miami as well as in the United States of America in a few years time means we need to draft strategies that will allow us have a competitive advantage over our counterparts in the agro processing industry. Our first competitive advantage is in ensuring that we provide the best customer services to our numerous customers.

Palm oil refinery business plan

Palm oil is a product extracted from the fleshy mesocarp of the palm fruit Elaeis guineensis. The global demand for palm oil is growing thus, the crop cultivation serves as a means of livelihood for many rural families, and indeed it is in the farming culture of millions of people in the country.

Hence, oil palm is often referred to as a crop of multiple values, which underscores its economic importance. The demands for domestic and industrial application of palm oil have continued to increase.

It is estimated that for every Nigerian household of five, about two liters of palm oil are consumed weekly for cooking. However, palm oil is an essential multipurpose raw material for both food and non-food industries. During the past decade, Nigeria has become a net importer of palm oil.

Also, Nigeria is now ranked fifth in the global crude palm oil production in the world an enterprise that Nigeria palm oil refinery business plan dominated. Vogel reports that Nigeria is now an importer, and it is possible that the size of this demand maybe currently supplied by foreign imports.

Presently, cheap crude palm oil is being imported from Malaysia and Indonesia. Hartley reports that Nigeria lost her foremost place in oil export to Zaire and regained it only temporarily in — Nigeria lost to Malaysia and Indonesia, as the largest oil palm producer in the world today because of her poor commitment to oil palm production.

The drop in ranking is caused by the neglect of agriculture sector for petroleum products. There is a serious need for the encouragement of small-scale oil palm production in Nigeria to increase the domestic demand of palm oil since it has the ability of creating jobs for the teaming unemployed in the country.

Commercial large-scale oil palm plantation farming is a relatively new phenomenon in West African where oil palm cultivation is basically subsistent and small-scale covering less than 7.

palm oil refinery business plan

According to a survey, several million smallholders are spread over an estimated area of 1. Among the small- scale producers, traditional or semi-mechanized methods are used for oil extraction from the fresh fruit bunch. In addition, during processing, outdated equipment is mostly used.

This method of oil palm processing is arduous, time consuming and oil yield is usually low. Elevated cost of procuring equipment is a serious problem in Nigeria. High equipment costs have discouraged intending processors from establishing and investing in oil palm venture.

Consequently, significant proportion of the processors resort to hiring of processing equipment and this had resulted to delay in processing of the palm fruits. Oil palm cultivation originated in West Africa. Some 5, years ago, it was said to have been domesticated in Nigeria and production was for subsistence within the region.

Palm Oil Processing Business Plan - Free Business Plans and Feasibility Studies in Nigeria

Currently, Nigeria oil palm sector is under reactivation after it collapsed during the discovery of crude oil. The stagnation in the oil palm sector in Nigeria is influenced by the overall agricultural policies.

Also because of the increasing demand of oil palm products resulting from an increase in population and income growth, relative to the low productivity from the oil palm sector, Nigeria has become a net importer of palm oil.

According to United State Department of Agriculture, the crude palm oil production in Nigeria ismetric tonnes MTwhich is far below 1, MMT domestic demand inwithin the period a deficit ofwere imported the same year to supplement the domestic production. However, there is a report that land is the major factor limiting oil palm cultivation.

The way forward towards palm oil self sufficiency in Nigeria was suggested to be thus; planting materials should be improved and government should support the processors with funds. So for Nigeria to compete with countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Columbia and Thailand, the country must return to agriculture.small oil refinery business plan to save through import substitution energy pdf cooking,small oil refinery business plan pdf edible re established safety zone riles neighbors,cooking oil refinery business plan edible palm company may,fire at baton rouge refinery injures 4 fortune palm oil business plan pdf small,small oil refinery business plan pdf projects prone to delays cancellations palm.

Refinery of Palm Oil.

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palm oil refinery business plan

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Palm Oil Production and Processing Business plan in Nigeria.


This sample Palm Oil Production and Processing Business Plan In Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc. In order to ensure smooth palm kernel oil production, there are several things that you must make it clear, the typical palm kernel oil processing steps and the basic elements involving in palm kernel oil business plan.

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A Sample Palm Kernel Oil Production Business Plan Template