Project mu brake pads

TYPE NS pads offer a well-balanced improvement over the performance of genuine brake pads while reducing dust and noise. From bustling urban streets to high-speed open roads, these brake pads offer superior braking comfort with less dust and noise. TYPE HV brake pads offer you a more comfortable braking experience without compromising the maneuverability and environmentally friendly qualities of your hybrid vehicle.

Project mu brake pads

Project mu brake pads

First introduced overseas in and in the U. And something new stunned the motorcycling world. Radical thinking from Honda focused on the ratio between power and weight and the CBRRR Fireblade arrived fully formed at the perfect balance point between the two.

Physically smaller and much more agile than the larger capacity competition, its four-cylinder engine also packed real punch. The Fireblade reset expectations of just what an open-class sports bike should be, and what it could do in an era when outright horsepower and straight-line speed had long held center stage.

Over the following 25 years the Fireblade has seen many changes and been through many evolutions — each underpinned by the concept of Total Control. Each generation has built on the legacy of the original Fireblade, providing a superbly balanced package that works incredibly well on track and, even more importantly, is both exhilarating and uniquely rewarding to ride out on the open road.

Three of them in fact: But for us, for our new Fireblade we want extraordinary to be the pleasure of handling and controlling such a machine. The very first CBRRR remains a milestone in our history, and an inspiration we have drawn on to radically reduce weight and increase power.

And, to go to Next Stage Total Control, we have added an electronic control system that is there to support the rider, totally. What then can our new Fireblade promise our customers? Valve lift and timing have been optimized for higher engine speeds, with the maximum raised fro 12, to 13, rpm.

Thickness of different areas of pistons optimized, retaining same weight while increasing compression ratio from Air-intake duct and air box design minimizes air resistance.

High fuel-discharge pressure promotes fuel atomization and maximizes combustion efficiency, while throttle response is maximized by intake funnels with a slash-cut design. Magnesium construction of the oil pan and ignition cover contribute to a 4.

The titanium muffler is 6. Its double pipe structure enables more effective utilization of the expansion chamber, while the variable exhaust valve achieves an improved sound and good power delivery across the rpm range. Wheelie behavior is electronically mitigated during acceleration; based on wheel speeds, the ECU decreases the throttle-valve opening to reduce torque.

The slip rate of the rear wheel is restrained during cornering and acceleration; torque is controlled based on vehicle roll angle, such as when turning, contributing to a sense of security during the riding experience.

The rider can choose how strongly the engine brake is applied when the throttle is closed during deceleration; three levels of adjustability are available, depending on rider preference.

Project mu brake pads

For both upshifting and downshifting, feel can be adjusted between three levels. Adapted from the RCV-S, the throttle-by-wire system a first on a straight-four Honda features a built-in Accelerator Position Sensor and improves response and rideability.

A first on a Honda, the full-color thin-film-transistor liquid crystal meter features Street, Circuit and Mechanic displays and is designed to be less intrusive for the rider. A five-level Power Selector enables on-the-fly adjustment of riding modes, HSTC and suspension electronics, adapting the machine to changing conditions.

The lithium-ion battery is one-half the weight of the previous, lead-acid battery. Service life is improved, and the central mounting location helps improve mass centralization.

Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment. Portions of frame walls have been thinned down to reduce weight by grams while maintaining appropriate flexibility. Redesigned die-cast aluminum subframe is grams lighter.Project-Mu Euro Eco street performance brake pads are developed to outperform OEM pads whilst offering excellent low dust and low noise properties.

Designed specifically for European vehicles which have less durable rotors than Japanese or locally delivered vehicles, Euro Eco is kind to the OEM rotors. Buy aftermarket performance parts at Pro Speed Racing. Your prime source for the most sought after performance auto parts online.

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[quote=Critic) Trav - my only concern about the friction ratings is that they only tell part of the story about how a pad will perform. For instance, FF-rated low-metallic genuine BMW pads will grab harder than most GG-rated ceramic equivalents. Project Mu Front B-Force Brake Pad for Acura NSX Integra Type-R Prelude VTEC BB4 See more like this Project Mu NS Brake Pads (Front) for Accord/Civic/Insight x/" Rotors Brand New.

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