Raising standards in writing achieving childrens targets near

Popular culture promotes this view and it is this cynicism about others that makes it seem realistic. The more we believe people will try to manipulate us to get their needs met, the more we engage in the same behavior to protect ourselves. This cycle of manipulation ends up creating a reality that is contrary to our deepest yearnings and needs.

Raising standards in writing achieving childrens targets near

What Are Personal Standards? Do you ever wonder what separates the highest achievers from everyone else? There are, of course, many possible answers to this question. Living with a sense of urgency also comes into the picture, as does avoiding the common unhelpful thinking traps that catch so many of us off guard.

Personal standards are mostly a set of behaviors that we choose to consistently indulge in. These behaviors are built upon expectations you have of yourself in a variety of situations. They are in some respects performance standards.

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In other words, they lay down the benchmarks of performance for your life. How to Recognize Your Personal Standards Your personal standards are reflected in how you treat yourself and in how you treat others.

When you have high standards, you expect to be treated with the highest regard. However, when your standards are low, you will often accept things how they are.

This happens because you fail to stand up for yourself — you fail to stand up for your principles and beliefs.

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Cookies on the BBC website Since arriving at the school two years previously, she had been aware of the discrepancy in educational achievement between boys and girls.
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Your personal standards are, of course, intricately intertwined with your level of self-esteem. Therefore, to raise your self-esteem requires first raising your personal standards. Your personal standards are also reflected in the promises you keep, in the way you dress and manage your life, health, financesand environment.

Your personal standards are reflected in the quality of your work, valuesand communication. In fact, everything you do and say provides others with insight into the personal standards you keep. If for instance, your work or home environment is messy and disorganized, then that reflects the standards you uphold in this area of your life.

raising standards in writing achieving childrens targets near

On the other hand, when your environment is clean and orderly, that sends an entirely different message about the personal standards you live by. Did you know that within the first 30 seconds of meeting you, a person will often create a story about you in their imagination based on the way you dress, communicate, and move your body?

All this provides them with a ballpark indication of the types of standards you consistently uphold. If for any reason this person senses that you live by a low set of standards, then they will modify their behavior and judge you accordingly.

On the other hand, if they sense that you hold high standards, then you are more likely to win their respect and admiration. And sadly, you are constantly being judged by other people based on those messages.

Low Standards Do you have any goals you desperately want to achieve? Have you ever considered that in order to achieve these goals that you must first raise your personal standards in specific areas of your life? Every goal you set comes with a variety of requirements that you must meet.

To achieve a goal, you need to live your life a certain way. You may, for instance, need to discipline yourself to keep your environment in order; to improve the quality of your work; to eat healthier meals; to curb your spending habitsetc.

Every goal you set requires something from you. Setting low standards will only take you so far along your journey toward your goal. With low standards, you will struggle to put enough time, effort, energy, and resources into achieving this goal.

You suddenly expect more from yourself, more from your actions, and more from others. As a result, you feel more confident about your goal and about the opportunities that present themselves. Their low standards lead to average results, which is, of course, very good for you.

Finding the Motivation to Change Okay, so we now know that the personal standards we keep determine the expectations we set. They likewise determine the quality of our results and the overall quality of our lives.

Even with high aspirations and big goals, living with a low set of standards will prevent us from ever reaching them.

So with that in mind, something must change.Raising standards in mathematics – Achieving children’s targets leaflet (DfES ) and Raising standards in writing – Achieving children’s targets leaflet (DfES ) also identifies some key priorities for headteachers and schools as they focus on raising standards in reading at both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Sep 08,  · Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School For Boys starts at 9pm on Thursday, 9 September at 9pm on BBC Two and is part of the channel's School Season of programmes. This help includes over 2, volunteer community service hours and raising over $30, for a variety of charities that help children and families.

The Foundation is interested in supporting programs that will have a near-term impact on the language learning of children with developmental language disorders.

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raising standards in writing achieving childrens targets near

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This page is a table of contents to our online articles library arranged by author. on story writing, not giving boys ownership of their writing, a discrepancy between boys’ reading preferences and writing topics, using ‘counting down’ time strategies and a dislike by boys of drafting and figurative language.

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