The coffee hour

They were—and continue to be—venues where people gather to talk, write, read, entertain one another, or pass the time.

The coffee hour

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Many interesting conversations happen, friendships are formed, and plans for activities are worked out during coffee hour. Coffee hour is not a time to outdo each other with as-seen-in-glossy-magazines fancy cuisine, just a time to share some good food. To allow for various tastes, provide at least two kinds of food, and if you know that someone in your group is allergic to a food or abstains from a certain food for some other reasonbring a food that is free of the allergen and label it accordingly.

My seven-year-old Nicholas and I have a lot of experience serving coffee hour! Our church has about people at the typical coffee hour; if your group is larger or smaller, adjust amounts accordingly. Our CSA farm gave us a gigantic bunch of dill a few weeks ago.

On a tip from our friend Laura who is splitting the farm share with us this yearI hung it upside down by its rubber band from the potholder rack in our kitchen, and sure enough, it dried beautifully! This still used up only about half of the dill!

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We started one loaf with our dinner on Saturday night and left the rest of that one at home. The 3 loaves we brought to church I cut in half lengthwise and then sliced crosswise, producing half-slices about 3 inches square, a good size for snacking, less crumbly than a full slice.

By the way, we invented a technique for using herbs dried whole: Place a large measuring cup around the bottom of the hanging bunch of herb.

Crumble leaves with your hand and let them drop into the cup until it contains the desired quantity. Add the leaves to the flour sifter and sift them along with the flour or, if recipe does not involve flour, just sift them alone.

This will break up the dried leaves into tiny pieces that season the food well, prevent anybody from getting a mouthful with too much leaf in it, and keep the stems out of the food.

The bread recipe has melted butter in it, so spreading butter on the bread would be excessive.

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Instead we brought a big bowl of instant hummus. It tastes really good on this bread! The instant hummus is better if you mix it up in advance, so we mixed it in a Pyrex bowl with lid in the morning before we left for church, popped the lid on, then later simply opened it up and stirred it to check whether it needed more water.

The reason I say I made it is that Nicholas retreated upstairs to escape the noise and smell of the blender. Use warm water in this or any other recipe containing coconut oil.

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If you use cold water, the coconut oil molecules will huddle together for warmth, creating globs of white fat which, although they taste yummy, look very unappealing. With the added water, and sitting at room temperature for two hours while we were arranging the food and then in church, the fudge became soft, creating a delicious apple dip!

I cut 7 Gala and 7 Granny Smith apples into wedges, and Nicholas arranged them artistically.Maybe you’ve heard about MailChimp’s Coffee Hour, our Friday morning speaker series.

 · A Neighbor Coffee Hour is a gathering where neighbors get to know each other in a comfortable setting. Neighbor Coffee Hours can be hosted on a front porch, at a park, or in someone’s home. At a Neighbor Coffee Hour, the host makes coffee and neighbors bring something to In a recent conversation with my cousin, she was telling me about the elaborate coffee hours they have at her church with cakes, punch, finger sandwiches, cheese trays, fruit salads, doughnuts and the The Math Department Coffee Hour was started in Fall This weekly event has created opportunities for our faculty and students to meet regularly and interact with each other. It also serves as a platform for us to invite our friends and guests to our

It’s been a staple of our culture for years, growing and changing along with the company. It’s been a staple of our culture for years, growing and changing along with the company.

The coffee hour

The Coffee hour is a wonderful opportunity for Parishioners to become acquainted and make new friends. Children enjoy playing with each other and making new friends.

Join BusinessHabits Life has its ups and downs that hit when least expected One of those waves gave me a wallop when I was knee deep in my business Find opening & closing hours for The Coffee Club in 30 Esplanade, Shop 3, Caloundra, Queensland, and check other details as well, such as: map, phone number, The church coffee hour is not the afterthought of the worship service at all.

Instead it is its reality test. At the coffee hour we either extend the hospitality we proclaim or we withhold it. We either feel the grace we have acknowledged or we do not. We either extend the Eucharist of the holy meal to the little meal or we do not. Coffee Hour What’s a church without coffee?Coffee hour happens after church every café and courtyard are packed on Sundays with people enjoying a good cup of coffee, treats, great conversation, and people looking forward to meeting

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