The importance of recruitment and selection management essay

Management of any large corporation will tell you that finding good, loyal talent is hard.

The importance of recruitment and selection management essay

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Furthermore, it explains the human resource management activities, models of human resource management, effectiveness of organisational objectives, performance monitoring of McDonald's restaurant. The human resources of any organisation are the most important resource that is the direct connected between the quality of the workforce and ultimate goals.

The human resource department of McDonald's is responsible for right people, right number, right jobs, right time, right cost with right knowledge, skills, experience in the right place and also responsible for training of all staff and keeping evidence on them.

It also indicates us what is the usage of human resource management and how does it work in the company. McDonald's fast food restaurant began in America in It is leading food service retailer around the world with more than 30, restaurants in countries serving 47 million customers each day.

Moreover, McDonalds is one of the world most well-known and valuable brands and increasing share in the globally.

The importance of recruitment and selection management essay

Now it is recognised worldwide establishment and first restaurant in the UK. Today more than 2. Task-1 Human Resource Management HRM Human resource management is the people management function where organizational function is fulfilled and focuses on the issues related to people for example compensation, performance management, organization development, safety, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration ,training and, etc.

As defined by Storey in''HRM is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic development of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques.

There are many activities of an organisation to achieve their ultimate goals. To cite an example Recruitment and selection, training and development, human resource planning, provision of contracts, provision of fair treatment, provision of equal opportunities, assessing performance of employees, employee counseling, employee welfare, payment and reward of employees, health and safety, dismissals and redundancy, and etc.

I am explaining three of them as below Recruitment and Selection In an organization, a change happens in the level of employees where HR department maintain the requirement of personnel to meet the demand. For effective recruiting, recruitment process can be costly and takes a great deal of time to set up.

It includes on what jobs needs, advertising, application, identifying who best meet the criteria, interviewing candidates, finally selecting the best candidate for the post, and etc. McDonald's advertise their job vacancies on their specialized websites and use their own personnel department to recruit staff.

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Objectives of the Recruitment and Selection The objectives of the recruitment and selection process of human resource management are as below To identify the most appropriate candidate to fill each post.

Keep the cost of selection down Making sure that necessary skills and qualities have been specified and developing a process for identifying them in candidates Make sure that the candidate selected will want the job, and will stay with McDonald's To make the most of the effectiveness of the McDonald's recruitment and selection practices.

Achievement of the Recruitment and Selection In the McDonald's, recruiting process is run throughout the year. Like other organisations, McDonald's recruit internally and externally, and they for the most part recruit their managers and Assistant managers internally rather than externally, because it is easier and less training is needed due to the candidate is well known about the job.

In addition, for preparing the job description, McDonald's describe the job title, department, location, the responsibilities, the job purpose and duties.

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McDonald's uses the application form with questions which are typical questions, to know what qualification the applicant has, such as knowledge, skills, experience, and etc. Application form fill-up and make the answer of question is the first step for applicant at crew member level.

For the recruitment process, Interview is the most crucial part for McDonald's potential employee. From the short listed candidate, McDonald's call for interview with area manager or store manager at their flexible nearest branch.

From the face to face interview, interviewers can know about applicants, such as behaves, confidence, knowledge, and basically how the applicants come across as a person.

At crew member level, interview is the second step for applicant.Essay Recruitment and Selection Strategies. Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recruitment and Selection Strategies Over the past five weeks, work was completed on an employment compliance plan, compensation, and benefits strategies plan, performance management strategies suggested, advise given on training plans, and this week, we will provide recommendations on recruitment and selection  · 1 Importance of Selection in the Recruitment and Orientation Process 2 Why Is the Human Resource Selection Process Important?

Selection Criteria

3 Definition of the Recruitment & Selection  · Management literature discusses that the behavioral traits of employees can play an important role in the success of total quality management (TQM).

However, little empirical research exists in this regard. Using an international dataset, the present study investigates: the impact of quality management practices on plant competitiveness; and the moderating effect of an employee selection The terms recruitment and selection as used in human resource management have been defined differently by several number of scholars according to their level of understanding, and the following are some of their views so  · Should review and understand the role of information technology and human resource management functions also design and create a dynamic system, ground reconnaissance, selection, and hiring, training and effective deployment of human resources in our Basic.

Appl. Sci. Res., 2(6) Recruitment, as a human resource management function, is one of the activities that affect on the performance of an organization. It should be understood and accepted because the decisions of poor recruitment continue to impact organizational performance and limit goal achievement.

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