The role of micro finance bank in agricultural development in nigeria

August 16, by articles 8 Comments Agricultural Financing — The Role of the Nigerian Agriculture and Co-Operative Bank The Concept of Agricultural Financing — Agriculture in Nigeria has over the years been largely a private indigenous activity inspite of the relatively recent intensification of interest by government in the sector and official efforts to infuse foreign private participation. According to UgwuanyiAgricultural financing is the sourcing of fund and making it available for agricultural production and uses. Agricultural financing Simply means the acquisition and utilization of funds for agricultural purposes.

The role of micro finance bank in agricultural development in nigeria

Quality of goods Subsequently, several programmers and strategies have been actively encouraged, promoted and supported by the government amongst which are as follows: Various agricultural development programme operation feed the Nation O F N. The promotion of co-operatives: Agricultural Credit Government Scheme and, 5.

The transformation of country into an economic giant has engaged the attention of successive Nigeria government through the listed economic efforts and various developing plans.

The oiling rehabilitating and growling rate of development economically has caught the attention of the researcher and prompted her into making statements, she visualized that the problems acting is a load in the wheel of economic progress of Nigeria.

Since Nigeria detached itself from the dominion of British rule in by using politically independent, it has not detached from British in terms of policy formation and articulations. Most of the policies embarked upon from even to greater extent today are fashioned after the British modalities.

Some of the economic policies initiated are being done, obvious of the fast that other co-operating restitution that will be argue in the development are not yet in place like micro financeBanks that will address adequately the need of the realities which are integrated parts of the geo-political entity called Nigeria.

Where the banks exist or existed they could not as an economic catalyst because some of the reasons of inadequate collaterals or to some on right lack of collateral to pledge against the loan being sought.

Another problem observed then was that, it has been in link up to full realization of our economic dreams in improper re-appraisal of the lapsed policies with a view to know the difficult areas in terms of meeting the envisioned target. Other problem is to the transformation of Nigeria into a strong viable and reliable, a robust economic collision dreamed is the death of banking habit or culture among the citizens.

The chemically of role funds from the surplus sector of the economy to the deficit could not be made. These worries were trying follow in a pillow or banned aground in various homes.


Lastly, another problems in the economic development of Nigeria is the topside economic concern various orthodox banks station in the rural areas act as cash centers and the funds mobilized are not ploughed into development. The areas rather they are reputed to the township head office for onward lending to beneficiaries outside the catchments areas from where the said funds were mobilized.

It marked another landmark in the annual of Nigeria Economic development. The researcher has the under listed purpose when venting to address the issues of micro financebanking System in Economic Development of Nigeria.

Some of the affendant benefit include the following; Industrialist, small and medium scale industrialist will be able to see micro financebanking system as another source of financial at its disposition, which they had hither to been ignorance of. To the managers of financial institution including orthodox banks.

It will expose to them how unfriendly by disposition to this micro financebanking system in terms of change or services affected on their behalf will geopardize the dream of a giant economic nation.

To the policy, it will act as an eye opener, so that when policies are being made, it should be well articulated and every minutes detailed built in so, that such policy should be avoided to loose — ends.

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Such loose-ends and in articulated policy characteristics of the micro financebanks decree is the non- provision of clearing house of the micro financebanking system which left them and the many of the micro financebanks, in item of detrimental charges handed down to them.

To student, researchers and those which curiously and injury wound. It will extend itself as a pedestral or subtraction upon which expansionary and follow up study offering courses on micro financebanking, it will be added to the words of literature available for references.

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M-CRIL was established in in response to the need for an agency to provide a standardised assessment of governance, management and financial performance in microfinance and inclusive finance institutions. Macroeconomics (from the Greek prefix makro-meaning "large" + economics) is a branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole.

This includes regional, national, and global economies. Macroeconomists study aggregated indicators such as GDP, unemployment rates, national income, price indices, and the interrelations among the.

Special issue on Microfinance Publisher: Asian Economic and Social Society Effects of Microfinance on Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Growth in Nigeria. THE ROLE OF MICROFINANCE BANK IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA.

ABSTRACT. This project is seriously discussing the function and the role of which the micro financebank played in Economic development in alphabetnyc.coms: 7. The Role of Microfinance Banks in Financing Agriculture in Yola North Local Government Area, Adamawa State, Nigeria of public-finance micro/rural credit programme and agricultural development.

The role of micro finance bank in agricultural development in nigeria

This calls for critical. Financing of Micro Enterprises in Kaduna State, Nigeria Aliyu Mamman, Ph.D economy is transformed from one that is dominantly rural and agricultural to one that is dominantly urban, industrial, and service in composition.

Nigerian Agricultural Cooperative and Rural Development Bank Limited and National Poverty Eradication Programme. The.

The role of micro finance bank in agricultural development in nigeria