Why is management necessary and how do you think management has evolved

We may add some more elements in the management process. The elements in the management process are actually the basic functions of management these functions constitute the management process in practice. Management process is in fact, management in practice.

Why is management necessary and how do you think management has evolved

Strategic change is about forging organizational robustness in the face of environmental pressures. Hence, an accurate and insightful view of the current reality is as important as a clear vision Senge Robustness is the timely capacity to anticipate and adapt to environmental change in order to maintain competitive advantage.

Improving and maintaining robustness takes three interdependent forms. First, it is a function of comprehensive environmental scanning, accurate articulation of values, beliefs, and assumptions, the freedom to question values, beliefs and assumptions, creativity to formulate new options, and tolerance of risk in the pursuit of a new course.

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Second, robustness is about resource self-sufficiency. Third, robustness is about maintaining contact and managing credibility with strategic constituencies. Change can be evolutionary or revolutionary. It can take place gradually within an existing paradigm, or it can be a dramatic shift to an entirely new paradigm.

In addition to being gradual, evolutionary change usually is linear, and sequential. The downside of evolutionary change is that it is predictable. Competitors can figure out what your organization is doing and where it is going. Revolutionary change is about transforming the organization.

The revolution can be small or it can be sweeping. The path of transformational change, while not linear and sequential, can be made predictable to people inside the organization through proper planning and communication. Both evolutionary and revolutionary change can be legitimate strategic choices under the right environmental conditions.

Environmental conditions can be defined by velocity, mass, and complexity. The velocity of change is the rate change takes place. The mass of the change is how widespread it is. And, the complexity of change means that change never occurs in isolation.

Why is management necessary and how do you think management has evolved

Within the domain of human behavior, the answer is yes. Four main effects are salient: Change can cause people to feel incompetent, needy, and powerless, in short, to lose self-confidence.

It is essential for the people in the organization to be involved in planning and executing change, to have opportunities to develop new skills required by the change, and to depend on psychological support mechanisms put in place before, during, and after the change is implemented.

Change can create confusion throughout the organization. Change alters the clarity and stability of roles and relationships, often creating chaos.

This requires realigning and renegotiating formal patterns of relationships and policies. By definition, change creates loss and therefore generates interpersonal conflict. Change can create loss of meaning and purpose.While other countries do not have the resources available in the United States to sustain such an emergency management system, the underlying factors that have made the U.S.

system successful can serve as the basis for the establishment or enhancement of emergency management systems in other countries, particularly developing nations, despite.

Too often, implementing enterprise-wide information technology neglects the human factor. Thus author demonstrates that attention to organization development and change management in IT implementation has resulted in a positive impact on productivity, job satisfaction, and other work attitudes, in.

Management More than ever, the healthcare industry is making significant progress in the quest for electronic health necessary for the healthcare organization’s records.

The evolution from a paper-based medical record model to an EHR model has opened up many avenues The Strategic Importance of Electronic Health Records Management.

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That is why management consulting exists—to give one an opportunity to step back and think afresh. The role of consulting has evolved over time.

Why is management necessary and how do you think management has evolved

you need to innovate on product and process and in both these areas clients are saying to consulting firms—how can you help us to do things differently, think out of the box because that is. Once the technical writer has found the appropriate SME to approach, strong listening skills will be required to capture the information necessary and to know which follow-up .

CHAPTER13 Information Management and Technology enhance our skills and develop new ones—possibly some we never thought we’d need. Today, staying in place means falling behind, and no one can afford to do that in our technology-driven world.”2 Nursing,being one of the slowest to embrace technology to its fullest,must meet the challenges of using.

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