Why should we add an extra hour to school

I got a phone call not so long ago from a prospective client asking about having a logo designed. Unfortunately they found out that I was way outside of their budget.

Why should we add an extra hour to school

This post should help you make an informative decision. There has been a rise in the urban farming and organic homestead movements in recent years.

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This includes chickens, sheep, and goats. Of course, chickens provide fresh, organic eggs while sheep provide wool and natural grazing. This article will focus on the seven best reasons why a person should get a goat or two for their home. As you will see, goats can be both a fun and lively home companion as well as a functional and productive contributor to the family!

Milk Producing your own milk for the family is healthy and nutritious, not to mention cost effective.

Droughts throughout farming regions and lack of congressional support for farming initiatives have resulted in a rise in milk costs. If you get a goat for your home, it can provide you and your family with a regular supply of milk. Another advantage of raising a dairy goat is that they are smaller in size than cows and, hence, are less expensive to house and feed.

Goat milk does have a different natural composition than the milk that comes from a cow. If you or a member of your family is sensitive to cow dairy, goat milk just may be a wonderful alternative for you. Keep in mind that caring for and tending a dairy goat does take some know how and a daily upkeep and care regimen, so be sure that you have the shelter, tools, and information necessary for tending to a dairy goat and its kids, especially during the winter season.

Cheese Perhaps even more coveted than goat milk is goat cheese. Goat cheese or chevre has that distinct tangy goat milk flavor and is easily spreadable, accompanying toast and honey perfectly.

It is also a delicious addition to quiches, frittatas, and salads. Function and Recreation Another reason to own a goat is the utility and recreation it can provide your home or farm. If you do farm or garden, whether it is as a hobby or a living, a goat can provide excellent help.

Instead of a dairy goat, you can keep a wether — a castrated male goat. Wethers can be trained to pull small carts or carry packs and function well with a lot of human contact.

Instead of regular milking, they require regular exercise, which is why putting them to work regularly for a reasonable amount is ideal. Wethers do require training from about 3 months old, but by the time they reach one year old, they should be able to, for example, accompany you on a hike while carrying a small soft pack containing about ten pounds of supplies.

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When the whether is two years old, it will be strong enough to pull a cart or carry a full sized pack. As you can imagine, a wether can provide a good deal of utility and help. Instead of having to strain yourself pushing around a wheelbarrow or making extra trips on foot to carry materials, a got can help you carry supplies and equipment or haul a small harvest or crops from your garden.

Security Everybody knows the efficacy and safety provided by a good, loyal watchdog. But what about a watchgoat?

Goats will bleat at everything and everyone that passes by your house, so you will always be kept aware of when somebody is near your property. The surprise of hearing a goat bleating can startle off any potential intruder or solicitor.

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Companionship Though one might not immediately think of goats as a logical choice as a pet, these animals surprisingly exhibit many character traits that make them wonderful animal companions.

The fact that they are not as traditional as dogs, cats, birds, or fish, goats can actually provide wonderful companionship, entertainment, and joviality to your home.

Because most people associate goats as being only petting zoo or farm animals, they do not realize that they are actually very affectionate, loyal, intelligent, curious, and loving creatures. This is why more people are keeping goats as pets with great success! If you own a property with ample fenced-in outdoor space and an outdoor shelter, large goat breeds such as Nubians or Swiss Alpines are a great option.

However, even those with more limited space — but still with a decent amount of land — can look into a smaller breed like pygmy goats. There are a few key things to be aware of if you are interested in keeping pet goats.I don’t know where to start with this one.

I just don’t. To bring you all up to speed who may not live in my town or know the situation, my old high school has enacted a policy banning leggings, yoga pants, and jeggings unless they are worn with “dress code appropriate” shorts, skirts, dresses, or pants.

An extra hour would give instructors an extra ten minutes per class to answer questions or just "be there" while assignments are started in case students are having difficulty. School in . Is Your Child Gifted? What to Look for, Why You Should Know Traditional screening methods aren't the only way to identify a gifted kid.

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Why should we add an extra hour to school

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Dec 02,  · Some of the funds required to add or more hours to the school calendar will come from shifting resources from existing federal programs, making use of the flexibility granted by waivers to No Child Left Behind. All five states taking part in the initiative have . The waiver opens the door for cash-strapped school districts to use funds that now support afterschool and summer programs to merely add more time to the school day.

Congress is considering a number of proposals that would do the same.

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