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Writing advice blog

Nouns Nouns such as ring, bling, sibling, ending, and so forth are not usually what an advice giver is focused on when he tells a writer to not use —ing words. Feel writing advice blog to use them as needed, given what you already know about choosing words that fit.

Plenty of adjectives end in —ing. And yet once again your critique partner or a beta reader might mention that you specifically have used too many —ing words, this time adjectives, and should consider cutting some.

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Progressive Verbs The progressive verb form in past, present, and future tenses uses present participles, which are verbs that end in —ing. All of this is true of the progressive even if that action was ongoing in the past or will be ongoing in the future. We also use the progressive to show repetitive actions and as a way to show temporary actions in contrast to permanent actions.

You probably use them instinctively, not giving any thought to the way they differ from either the simple past or simple present. Sometimes deciding which form to use is difficult, but save the progressive for ongoing action that actually needs to be described as ongoing or for one of the other reasons I mentioned.

For that variety, use verbs that hint at or blatantly show ongoing action without having to resort to the progressive. Or reword sentences to avoid the need for the progressive. An example— The boy was waving as I was driving up.

I was thinking about the argument John and I were having and not looking where I was going. By the time I was slowing down, the boy was looking a bit green, was swaying on his feet.

One option for reducing use of the progressive— The boy was waving as I approached. By the time I slowed, he looked a bit green and was swaying on his feet. A second option— A boy waved frantically as I drove toward the parking spot.

I was thinking about the argument with John, not really paying attention, but then I realized the boy was stuck.

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I slammed on the brakes. The car stopped two feet away from the boy, close enough for me to note his green face and trembling body. And yet the meaning is still there. Was is used seven times in that first example.

writing advice blog

But let it help you make decisions that contribute to compelling fiction. Gerunds Gerunds are —ing verbs functioning as nouns. They can operate as subjects or objects.

A gerund can stand by itself or it can be part of a gerund phrase. Washing dishes is universally hated in my family. Snorkeling was his favorite pastime. Some people, even those giving writing advice, confuse gerunds with the present participle, the verb form that ends in —ing that we saw in the progressive verb forms.

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But gerunds function as nouns. They may look like present participles the words are the samebut their purposes are different. For one thing, that —ing would get annoying. For a second problem, readers might have trouble moving between a noun ending in —ing and a verb present participle ending in —ing, especially if the pattern continues for a number of sentences.

On the other hand, readers might have no trouble understanding your meaning if you use a high number of —ing words in a single paragraph, but the visual alone—or the sounds of —ing repeated again and again—might annoy readers or give them a kind of reading fatigue.Using English for Academic Purposes For Students in Higher Education.

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