Writing annual reviews for employees

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Writing annual reviews for employees

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Human Resources The Team-Building Peer Review A close-up look at a peer-review form that can help staff members learn to pull together and trust each other.

Gruner The best peer reviews get staff members to pull together -- as Risk International can testify Want to spot the stars and the slackers in your business?

Don't ask your managers -- ask your employees. Coworkers often know more about their peers' strengths and weaknesses than supervisors do, and letting employees review one another is a great way for management to share in that knowledge. Done correctly, peer reviews bring a host of other advantages.

They generate more candid feedback, says one human-resources HR expert. Whereas supervisors tend to be Pollyannas, employees tell it like it is. Peer reviews can also help foster team building and help put HR issues -- such as skills improvement -- on the front burner.

writing annual reviews for employees

The concept isn't new. Recently, businesses large and small have been putting it to work. The military has been using a similar technique for decades, partly because it builds camaraderie. But the hard part is knowing how to do it right. One small company whose peer reviews really work is Risk International, a provider of risk-management services based in Akron.

Chief executive David Hatch set up the reviews in as part of an overall annual appraisal process because, he says, "I wanted the employees to understand how their peers saw them and to learn that they are all accountable to each other.

I also wanted them to have a chance to share input and to behave as team players rather than always looking good for the boss at the expense of the organization.

The criteria are equally weighted. The process works like this: Once a year, each of the company's 47 employees gets a packet of forms with a list of reviewees' names. At first employees reviewed everyone.

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But 18 months ago the form was rejiggered to allow them to rate only those they work with directly -- from 3 to 10 per reviewer. Anonymity is key, so the completed forms travel in a sealed envelope to a temporary worker, who inputs the data. When the results are in, each reviewee meets with his or her supervisor to discuss job strengths and create a plan to improve on areas that need work.

Much to Hatch's surprise, not everyone leaped at the chance to rate a workmate. Some felt threatened; others worried about confidentiality. Says Vera Baker, a research analyst, "I was real apprehensive that people would take out their petty disagreements with you in the peer review.

She's one of many who like having a place to express their views.Yet, when performance management is done well, employees become more productive, profitable, and creative contributors.

Gallup finds that employees whose managers excel . Jan 14,  · Dear Haze, Performance reviews are artifacts left over from the Industrial Revolution. They come from an earlier time, when work was designed on the mechanical model I call Godzilla.

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Perfode provides the most intuitive and flexible tool available for documenting performance, setting goals, setting performance expectations and writing performance reviews.

7, Google reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Are performance reviews the norm at your company? Regardless, schedule regular feedback sessions with your boss to prove your worth and get that promotion.

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